Bullets were fired in the air to disperse the crowd as singer Alien Skin was arrested on Saturday evening after performing at Wankulukuku Stadium.

Tonny Ntale, the bouncer who accuses Alien Skin, real name Patrick Mulwana of fracturing his jaw while on duty at Vox Pub as a bouncer spoke to the media yesterday after the arrest of the singer.

Ntale revealed that he has been watching Aline boast about how he is untouchable within Makindye and that he was waiting for the opportunity to have him arrested to answer charges of assault.

The opportunity to have a shot at justice for Ntale presented itself on Saturday afternoon after he was tipped off that Alien Skin was to perform at the Masaza Cup finals Cup between Buddu FC and Busiro FC at Wankuluku Stadium.

“We nabbed him at around 6 pm after the Masaza Cup final at Wankulukuku stadium where he had gone to perform and watch football,” Tonny Ntale said while speaking to the media.

I” contacted my friend in the police when Alien Skin assaulted me and asked him to notify me if he saw him anywhere. Luckily, he is among those who were deployed to work at Wankulukuku stadium on Saturday and immediately after he saw Alien Skin and his gang, he notified me.”

Ntale narrates that he tipped off the security at the stadium to be alert and have the singer arrested, something that was achieved after bullets were fired as he resisted arrest.

“So I moved with my police reference, notified my management and they gave me transportation. Upon reaching the stadium at around 3:30 pm and I saw him inside the stadium. I alerted the O.C. on duty and the fellow bouncers and other security operatives to be on standby.

“When the match was over, they let him perform for the waiting fans and we nabbed him right after leaving the stage. He wanted to create chaos as he resisted arrest but the security was tight and they even fired a bullet in the air to calm his gang down and they took him,” Ntale further narrated.

According to unconfirmed sources, Alien Skin was later freed and did not spend the night in the cells but charges of assault have been slapped on him. We await to see how this unfolds further.

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