Rising singer Omutume Planet, the ‘Chai We Njayi’ hitmaker is optimistic about having a better future in the music industry.

The singer who hails from Jinja city says his trending song has seen him get booked at different night hangouts to perform for fans who have fallen in love with it.

He says he also didn’t expect to be where he is at the moment because one morning, he just went to the studio and recorded the song and decided to share it on TikTok.

The song was then hyped by Liam Voice who dropped a challenge on it and before he knew it, it had gone viral.

Omutume Planet says he has some other songs that he hopes will achieve similar hype and he visions a bright future ahead.

He adds that the song was created based on the stories that are usually shared at funerals.

“The song Chai Wenjaye is actually based on a true story. I derived the song from the various funerals I had been to,” he says.

“There was one we went to and some energetic boys there were made to do every chore. However, the cooks finished all the food and didn’t serve them. They got annoyed and decided to buy the ingredients to make the burial one heck of a place,” Omutume Planet notes.

He notes that he has songs such as “Ex”, “Mutwalo Mutwalo”, and “Mr. Google Sir” that he believes will be grounding breaking and of big impact on his career.

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