Ugandan singer Smokie Omutapata shocked outgoers when he organized a show at a hangout and turned up for his performance in a casket.

Uganda is one of the nations that is full of budding creatives and content creators. The digital and social media era has led to the rise of many creative youths who are investing much of their time in creating content in order to gain fame and make ends meet.

Recently, an uprising singer known as Smokie Omutapata shocked outgoers when he organized a show at a local hangout in Busega and showed up for his stage performance while in a casket.

Speaking in an interview, Smokie Omutapata explained that he decided to take that route as a way of branding his image.

Smokie says that he chose to do his grand stage entry that way to make a statement in the arts industry as the first artist to have ever taken to the stage to perform in a casket amidst wild cheers from the revelers.

Omutapata adds that he bought the casket that he keeps at home and none of his children is scared of it.

His gesture, however, did not please many netizens some of whom called him out for his actions. Smokie has since requested those he wronged to forgive him.

He says he has been in the music business for close to 12 years and he is happy that though his music is not usually played on mainstream media, he has managed to achieve a lot.

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