Singer Alien Skin claims that his prized silver necklace went missing during his arrest at Wankulukuku Stadium on Saturday.

Alien Skin, real name Patrick Mulwana, notes that one of the bouncers allegedly took his silver necklace as he was being dragged forcefully to a waiting Probox car that Police used to whisk him away from the crowd that was growing bigger.

Based on the video clip that was shared online, Alien Skin was seen being stopped from raising his fist in the air as he was being dragged to the police.

He explains that during that time he was only trying to stop one of the bouncers from stealing his silver necklace but instead the police officers thought he was chanting in the crowd which he says wasn’t true.

Based on an interview he did with one Vlog, he says he is going to watch the video keenly and establish which bouncer exactly took his necklace so that he reaches out to him.

He adds that following the allegations that are implicated against him of allegedly thumping a bouncer, he wants Vox Lounge to deliver the footage of the allegations so that he faces the law on the right accusations.

If they fail to bring out the video, he adds, he is going to sue them for defamation and tarnishing his name to which they will have to pay for the damages caused.

He also accused the security team that bundled him into the waiting car of beating him while inside as they drove to the police where he was given a bond and later released.

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