In October 2020, singers Andre Ojambo a.k.a Daddy Andre, and Nina Kankunda a.k.a Nina Roz made their relationship official with a Kukyala ceremony but it did not last to see the test of time.

As early as the start of 2021, there were rumors that the new celebrity couple was on the verge of splitting due to different issues including baggage from their past.

Fast-forward to today, the two are no longer together after deciding to walk out of each other’s lives on mutual terms.

Nina Roz claims that mistrust and differences in religious beliefs ruined a relationship that she started looking for solace right after jumping out of depression.

“I was coming out of depression, I was looking for solace in a person I could trust with my career, my life, and my dreams,” she said.

Despite breaking up, Nina is grateful to Daddy Andre for making her who she is today and she is proud of part of the times they shared.

“He was a good person, regardless. He taught me a lot, he prepared me to be the woman you see today,” she told Mr. Henrie in an interview.

@mbuuganda “We don’t trust and respect each other, it starts there…we all don’t trust in God, we’ll never be on the same page” – Nina Roz on relationship with Daddy Andre (🎥: Mr.Henrie) #gossip #NinaRoz #daddyandre #kampala_tiktokers #ugandatiktok #foryoupage #trending #womensday2023 ♬ original sound – Mbu

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