It is safe to say TikTok is the most popular social media app that has happened to the youthful generation in Uganda especially from the lockdown days to date.

The famous app has created stars in various ways and some have highly benefited from it as it has changed their lives.

Without a doubt its been a source of income for those who have not misused it as they landed ambassadorial deals with different entities.

Today, we take a look at how it has given rise to a number of artists in the Ugandan music industry, especially those who would struggle to break the barriers into the mainstream.

In no particular order, we list some of the artists that we believe managed to go mainstream courtesy of TikTok:

  • Vyroota

Over eleven months ago Vyroota, born Musigazi Abdul Aziz, made a breakthrough in the mainstream music industry with the release of his single “Ndibulungi/No Problem” which rocked the airwaves by storm. The song garnered airplay after going viral on TikTok through challenges.

  • Omutume Planet

In the recent past few days, we have all been grooving to Chai Wenjaye, a song that broke into the mainstream after Liam Voice made a challenge that made it go viral on TikTok. Omutume Planet now vows to use the fame gained thus far to turn himself into a reputable music brand.

While speaking to Mbu in an interview, he revealed to us his dreams of winning international awards in the future and he is willing to do whatever is right to stay atop of his game.

  • Alien Skin

Lately, Patrick Mulwana alias Alien Skin has been the talk of the town following his swag and how he conducts himself on TikTok and when he gets the chance to appear in public.

He has been at the center of many controversies including exchanging words with motormouth Isma Olaxess with each threatening the other, and being involved in bar fights.

Alien Skin and his gang

The boy from the ghetto gained fame slowly but surely when he first dropped his single titled “Emboozi Ye Nkoola”. A few weeks later, he released “Tonkanka” which took outgoers by storm due to its vibe and rhyme.

As it became a banger in different bars, he dropped “Sitya Danger” which eventually gave him a grand entry and talkability in the entertainment circles and thus he began to be hosted on different media platforms. He has TikTok to thank for the exposure.

  • Tom Dee

His touch to music is more or less similar to Alien Skin’s. When you listen to their sound, they are quite similar. Tom Dee kicked the door to the mainstream after the release of his single titled “Tetwasoma.”

It became popular when Kyambogo University students grooved to it while celebrating their completion of studies on TikTok and he has never looked back since. He followed it with “Wantama” which has also been welcomed by the youths on TikTok.

  • Kid Dee

Just recently, Denish Duncan Matovu a.k.a Kid Dee has been on a music tour in the UAE. If you asked him, he might not even have dreamed about it over three years ago.

With “Sente Nina”, however, Kid Dee stomped the yard. Despite the jam initially not getting much airplay on mainstream platforms, it really cut across and was strongly felt online.

He later added on songs such as “Negendede”, and ” Beer” among others and his latest is “E Number Ya Ex”. His personality has also won him several fans and his unique dance skills make him stand out.

  • Ronald Alimpa

Alimpa first had a song with Spice Diana that didn’t get much recognition but when he released his single “Sean Don/Lusuuku Lwa Ceminti” he became something else in the industry.

His stardom has been also characterized by scandals here and there including threatening media personalities.

While his star was still shining brightly, an unfortunate car accident saw him fracture his lower left limb in September and he has not returned to his best since. He has been working on new music on the way as he recovers.

Bad Black and An-Known
  • Acidic Vokoz

He is a budding talent on the music scene. He is one of the most humble and down-to-earth rising artists you will ever meet when you interact with him. If you have been keen, most of these TikTok-made artists come from Jinja and Vokoz is also from the same region.

He is here to wave the flag high as never before. He took over the App with his single “Nkulinako Crush” and then followed it with “Future” but before the mentioned two singles, music fans from his region and most of the Basoga people loved his songs “Ndi Musoga” and “Namutumba”.

Just last week Acidic Vokoz had a successful show in Saudi Arabia where he performed for his growing fan base.

  • Cyza Musiq

He blessed and serenaded us with his lovely and soothing “Ebilooto” single that was loved by music enthusiasts but he is yet to land another big song since. He has dropped a couple of songs including, “Nkusubwa” & “Nkwetaaga” and has hopes he can make it big again.

  • An-Known Prosper

An-Known Prosper is also among the artists who rose to fame courtesy of TikTok following the successful promotion of his song titled “Radio Call” which melted many hearts. Often, those in relationships used to dedicate the song to their loved ones especially during the lockdown as they expressed feelings and affection for one another on TikTok.

  • Benti Boyz

Today, it does not matter where you are – in the poshest bar in Kololo or in the kafunda along Salama Road – ‘Wanawankya’ will be playing at any given moment – and LOUDLY. For some reason, no one plays this song at a low volume.

The Benti Boyz are the other duo that should be proud of the TikTok App as it has exposed them to both the muntu wa wansi and corporate crowds. They now perform at events with different classes of crowds and they are bridging the gap, in a sense.

“What next?” is a question they will encounter as they struggle to add yet another banger but for now, they can enjoy the fruits of their hard work and the ever-surprising TikTok algorithm.

Solomon Mwesigwa

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Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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