Being a single parent is at times challenging especially when the parent and the children are of opposite sexes.

Youngster singer Felista Di Superstar and her dad Mike Nyanzi find themselves in this situation since her dad broke up with her mom on grounds of not finding a common goal in terms of compatibility and work-related issues.

For most of Felista’s upbringing, her dad has played the biggest role in seeing that she goes to school and understanding the values of society.

The whole process has not come easily as at times Nyanzi has had to stomach so much negativity from critics who often express their views without care since his daughter is in the limelight.

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He is glad that his daughter can do almost everything that a lady is supposed to do at home and appreciates the quality time her mom takes off her busy schedule and spends with Felista.

He says that the assumptions and allegations made by the public that he “sleeps with his daughter” hurt him to the nerve because it is untrue.

He calls upon parents to love and take care of their children and to learn to check their children’s books so as to ensure that they really get knowledge from school and helps them to learn the new habits that their children could have learned.

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