Lately, there has been a lot going on between singers Sheebah Karungi and Spice Diana and they have been reported to be beefing.

The beef was confirmed when Spice Diana deleted Sheebah Karungi’s photos off her handles and also unfollowed her.

This left those in the entertainment circles with a lot to say as some took sides each showing support for their favorite artist.

When Sheebah was asked to give a comment about Spice Diana unfollowing her, she expressed how she was not bothered because she has no time for loose talk.

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In a recent interview conducted by Bukedde TV’s Josephat Sseguya, he asked Spice Diana to reveal at least one or two lessons she has learned from Sheebah as a musician.

Spice replied by applauding Sheebah’s hustle.

Spice Diana stressed that Sheebah’s hustle impresses her so much to keep on pushing and striving hard despite the negativity that the public always throws toward young girls who join the music industry.

Of course, her hustle and how she has been. You know us ladies when one is starting their career is linked to so much negativity in this music industry.

Everybody will treat or take you in a different way and more so when you start when you’re young. Some will call you a prostitute but someone who stays consistent you can learn from them and persist in order to achieve big.

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