Ugandan award-winning duo Kataleya and Kandle are already a household name in the industry and Theron Music is to thank for their breakthrough but how did it all happen?

Having broken out in 2021, Kataleya and Kandle seem to have impressed several music fans and fellow celebrities through their music.

The two met through a mutual friend at a birthday party and their interests in fashion and music created a strong bond between them.

Why Music?

“We were friends and always talked about music and fashion but we needed to do something that would help us bring out the best of our abilities. We wanted something we would do for survival but also enjoy it to the fullest. So we chose music,” Kataleya and Kandle revealed to a local YouTuber Mr. Henrie.

The Hustle

Kandle notes that when their musical journey began, they visited different studios and were referred to different people with the hope that they could find a manager to help them with their music goals.

In that process, they landed on someone who made them sing at different small parties promising to make them big but it failed to work because he told them so many lies.

“He lied to us so much, always showing us that everything was in the plans but it was all a lie. Things didn’t work out. But we forgave him,” the duo says.

Joining Theron

One day as they were in an undisclosed studio recording, they overheard people talking about the auditions that Theron Music was holding and decided to give it a try.

We just wanted to try our luck. We went to the Theron Music offices and we didn’t even know anyone there but we did the auditions and returned home.

We kept praying so hard and promised not to take the opportunity for granted if Theron gave us a chance. After a short while, we received a call from Theron Music.

Kataleya and Kandle

“They (Theron Music) were happy to see that we could sing and even write our own music because at the auditions we performed our originally composed song produced by Producer Ronnie. We thereafter signed a contract with Theron.”

The rest has been the work of God and hours of hard work and dedication invested in their career as they now are the fastest-rising duo in the +256.

They registered their first hit song with ‘Do Me’ which was their third song after being officially signed by Theron and they have not looked back since.

Their catalog now boasts other trending songs like Nkunonya, Kyolina, Njagala Money, Nyash, Tonnafuya, Muzibe wa Love, Halleluya, Miwula, and their latest Onsanze Ndaba.

Watch their interview with Mr. Henrie below:

YouTube video

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