Jajja Ichuli a.k.a Isma Olaxess says Sheebah did herself a disservice by denying him entry to her home because he is such a resourceful person that would have been important to her career.

During a recent interview with Kasuku, Sheebah Karungi admitted to chasing Isma Olaxess from her home when he went knocking asking for an interview.

“It’s obvious! If he is a blogger, I did chase him. It is all true,” Sheebah told Kasuku in a very cheeky manner after claiming not to know much about him.

Upon landing on Kasuku’s interview, Isma Olaxess says that Sheebah is only contradicting herself because she knew who he was to reject him from accessing her home.

“If Sheebah says she does not know who I am, it could be true because I am known by the big sharks in the ocean and she is only a worm in a pond,” Olaxess told Spark TV.

“The sharks in the ocean are the President, the Speaker of this country, the Chief Justice, the Attorney General, MPs, those are the real sharks in the ocean. If they know who I am, I care less about the worm in a pond.

“Nevertheless, artists should be very wary of people like her. If she doesn’t know me, she has done a disservice to herself because I am a music consumer and she doesn’t know if I am her fan. Is that how she treats her fans?” he added.

He also maintains that they have met before in Sweden through his former manager Allan Kiwa. “Her manager Allan Kiwa and I have been friends for such a long time. She came to Sweden and even posted photos of me and her on her Instagram.”

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