Singer Irene Namatovu believes Alien Skin still has a long way to go in the industry and that his immaturity is his major problem right now.

In recent weeks, rapper Patrick Mulwana a.k.a Alien Skin’s behavior has been the talk of the town after being arrested for allegedly beating up a bouncer and breaking his jaw in Makindye.

Several critics have already pounced on him with the judgment that he uses drugs and that his rowdy behavior will not enable him to last long in the entertainment business.

When asked about him, band singer Irene Namatovu said that it could be the issue of immaturity and inexperience that is disturbing Alien Skin.

“When someone is new in the industry, fame gets to them. Age is also disturbing them, please forgive them,” she told the media on Tuesday.

She further noted that Alien Skin has not been around long enough to know how the industry operates but he will be shaped into a better person as time goes on.

Look at it like this; how long has he lasted in the industry? A few months? Don’t judge him too much. In those two months that he has spent in the limelight, he has not understood how it works yet.

And he is still young, he will reform into a better person as time goes by.

Irene Namatovu

When asked of what she thinks of the increased number of artistes doing bubblegum music lately, Namatove said that it is just a generational issue.

“It seems like that is the music this generation wants. People no longer have time to think and compose deep messages for their lyrics,” Namatovu noted.

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