Singer Karole Kasita says she was overjoyed when she realized she was pregnant with the baby she finally gave birth to on 4th January 2023.

When asked how she realized she was pregnant, the Yaka singer said that she had to test after missing her periods, and upon counting back the days, she realized it all happened on her birthday.

“I got pregnant on my birthday. It’s my birthday baby,” she told Isaac Kaiyz Kawalya in an interview with Sanyuka TV on Tuesday.

“You test after realizing you’ve missed your periods and you start counting back the days. Of course, I’m a very busy woman so I rarely do those things (sex) so I cannot know when it happened,” she added.

Kasita goes on to note that she was overjoyed and she thanked God for the blessing of pregnancy and embraced it immediately.

I was happy. I was so happy, God knows. I was very, very happy, I didn’t even think twice or worry about what I was going to do. I swear I didn’t even think about that. It was meant to happen so I embraced it.

Karole Kasita

She withheld the good news and did not alert her lover about it initially because she knew she had made the choice to keep the baby regardless of his opinions.

“Actually, I didn’t tell him because I realized the decision is mine. Even if he had said he didn’t want the kid, I did not care. I am very decisive and independent, I make my own choices.”

Despite Kaiyz continued questioning, Karole Kasita declined to reveal who the father of her child is and vowed to keep it that way for as long as she can.

She now advises all women not to be afraid of giving birth because she believes it makes them more loving and focused.

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