An unidentified man claiming to be the husband of a singer called Winnie has asked Chozen Blood to stop dating her on the side.

“Since the both of you started working together and even did a song together, there has been a situationship between you and my wife,” an unidentified man says on a recorded phone call.

“You both keep pretending about it. I know what I am talking about and hence why I have called you. Winnie is my wife and I love her so much. There is a lot I have done for her, so many investments and I was planning well for her life,” he adds.

The man on the call alleges that Winnie is cheating on him with another man on the side and hence why some of the plans he has for her have stalled.

Chozen asks the man to get himself in order because the things he is talking about are very old and maintains that there is nothing going on between him and Winnie.

The man then asks to meet Chozen so that they solve their issues man-to-man, something the singer seems not to easily agree to.

Netizens believe that the Winnie being talked about in the audio is Winnie Nwagi as they are close with Chozen Blood and have done songs together.

Both Nwagi and Chozen Blood have on several occasions denied having any affair beyond a relationship and they claim they are only bonded by music.

Listen to the rest of the audio below:

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