At the age of 25, local songstress Stabua Natooro was already blessed with six children and took on the mantle of being a single mother who did whatever she could to fend for her children.

Staying in the village of Rakai where she led a female group of singers, Stabua did all kinds of jobs and work to make sure that ends meet and have her children get educated.

During her stay in her hometown, Stabua Natooro made herself a name as the most talented singer in the whole district as she performed at different functions and events.

Fortunately, Gen. Elly Kayanja spotted her at one function and complimented her talent asking her to relocate to Kampala though she didn’t immediately heed to his request.

On the second meeting at an event, Gen. Kayanja yet again offered her another chance and this time around she grabbed it with open hands and the rest is now history.

She relocated to Kampala and was offered an opportunity to record music free of charge. Later her musical talent changed the status of her family as she started earning from her content following bookings to perform at functions.

With the money she made from the music, she was quick to construct her parents’ home in their home district.

With that put aside, Stabua Natooro says despite the early struggles she faced as a single mother, she is open to falling in love and dating again.

She notes that she is here not to live in sorrow and pity yet God has blessed her with money and accomplishments she has achieved. She adds that with prayers, she is hopeful she will give birth again.

I can fall in love and date again. It is my life to feel happy and feel loved. We don’t have to always be there feeling sorrow and pity for ourselves. With God’s prayers I will even give birth again.

Stabua Natooro

She concluded by encouraging women to work hard and not feel pity for themselves until they win in life.

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