Unilever Uganda under its oral care brand Pepsodent partnered with Mengo hospital to mark World Oral Health Day with a campaign that aims at encouraging the public to improve their oral health with free dental check-ups and consultations.

The campaign is mainly focusing on children in primary schools with the theme of the day “Be Proud of Your Mouth”.

This has been evident as St. Matia Mulumba pupils have been equipped with tips on how to maintain regular dental hygiene as they have been gifted with Pepsodent and encouraged to brush at least twice a day.

Dubbed ‘Now Everyone Can #TalkToADentist,’ the launch of the campaign has attracted over a hundred people, getting free dental check-ups and consultations as part of celebrations to mark World Oral Health Day 2023.

The service has been rendered to the public at Mengo hospital since it is the biggest hospital in Uganda that treats dental care issues in the country.

Joanita Menya Mukasa, Managing Director at Unilever Uganda, noted; “As part of our brand’s ongoing mission to prevent oral disease for everyone, we want to help everyone access the quality dental advice and care they deserve, especially those who have never been to a dentist before. That’s why we have conducted these free dental consultation exercises, to give people access to professional oral healthcare. Our World Oral Health Day 2023 campaign, ‘Now Everyone Can #TalkToADentist’ encourages people to take the first step to improve their oral health by going for their first dental visit, for free.”

Dr. Nevis Musinguzi from Mengo Hospital where over 100 people accessed free dental consultations courtesy of Pepsodent says, “Millions of people have never been to the dentist, not even once. For this to change it’s essential that we help people take the first step to better oral health by providing them with easy access to professional advice. This dental consultation exercise will help to shift people’s habits and hopefully encourage them to have more regular check-ups to avoid costly procedures in the future.”

Here are some of the photos of how the event went down.

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