Former Blu*3 singer Jackie Chandiru says she will not do anything about the scars she has on the different body parts that she got as a result of drug abuse.

The Agaasi singer notes that she will keep the scars till she breathes her last reasoning that they remind her that she is a winner who overcame the battle of struggling with the use of toxic substances.

She explained that the battle to overcome the addiction took her a very long period of time which she says was about six (6) solid years.

Jackie Chandiru goes ahead to stress that whenever she stares at her scars she feels happy and motivated which reminds her that she won the drug abuse battle as she thanks God for the mercy bestowed upon her.

When I look at my scars, I will not do anything to take them away. I keep them because they remind me that I am a winner. I don’t want to lie to you that it was something that I just woke up and quit but it took me a very long time like six years.

And when I look at the scars they remind me that I won the battle. It wasn’t out of my own effort but through God who let me know that I was hurting very many people with my addiction.

Jackie Chandiru

She adds that she served her punishment for drug abuse well and notes that to date she is still paying the price since sometimes people throw jabs at her doubting whether she can still perform without getting intoxicated.

What I went through is enough and there is no action on this earth that has no consequence. So when you abuse God’s temple which is our body, you have to pay the price. So if sometimes I am insulted about drugs, I know that am paying the price of doing drugs.

She added

Performing at the recently climaxed Miss Uganda beauty pageant, Jackie Chandiru was left elated as she thanked the organizers for trusting in her to perform at one of the biggest stages in Uganda.

She noted that this was the second time she has performed on a big stage beside her performance at Jose Chameleone’s “Gwanga Mujje” concert that took place in February.

This is my second biggest stage to perform at besides ‘Gwanga Mujje’ concert. I have been performing but mostly at private events. Whichever stage I take to am always scared because that is me and at every stage, there is something new.

What I most times front in my head is that people always have questions about whether I can still perform and be capable of pushing far and that is why I always want to disapprove the public.

I thank God for having helped me to win this drug abuse battle. My family and friends stood by me and saw me overcome the addiction because I wouldn’t perform without first taking an injection.

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