Singer Yasin Mukasa, better known by the stage name Lil Pazo, says he did not benefit much from his hit song “Emotoka” which ushered him into the Ugandan music industry.

Lil Pazo explains that despite the song being very big on the Ugandan music charts, it only gave him popularity but he was used free of charge by some music promoters.

He notes that he used to perform at different bars and events only on goodwill as he thought that he was appreciating fans for showing him support yet in the real sense the promoters used to earn big from him.

Based on the daunting experience he went through, he slammed the industry labeling it as the fakest which has a lot of gamblers and corrupt individuals who use others.

He added that when the hit was on massive rotation at media outlets, he would sometimes fear sleeping at his home alone as he could not contain thoughts that often cut across his mind.

The Ugandan music industry is the fakest business in the whole world. It has a lot of gambling and corrupt because people live fake lives. When I dropped my hit single, I was used and dumped because of my soft heart. I performed at concerts free of charge and to let you know, I didn’t benefit anything from that song.

I used to even fear sleeping in my house alone and I wasn’t ready for fame.

Lil Pazo

Lil Pazo also shared one of his deep secrets about music stating that he can never allow collaborations with artists of his generation stressing that they usually don’t add value to an artist.

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