Singer Bruno Kiggundu alias Bruno K is at the moment trending online following accusations of being a negligent dad as exposed by his ex-lover identified as Vanessa.

The Drink One For The Road singer has been put on the spot for failure to provide basic needs for his alleged son baptized Holy Seth Kiggundu.

Based on the reports, it is said that Bruno K denied fathering the child at an early stage when the infant was just two months old when he paid Vanessa a visit at her home to find out whether she had had a safe delivery.

On taking a close gaze at the infant, Vanessa explains that Bruno K told her how the baby did not resemble him at all.

Bruno K’s sisters admit to having seen Bruno K severally spending most of his time with Vanessa and based on that ground they requested Vanessa to go for DNA tests to confirm whether the child really belongs to Bruno K.

According to them, if the results turn out positive, Vanessa should surrender the child to Bruno K so that he starts taking full care of him.

In the latest interview, Vanessa says she is not ready to have her son taken for DNA tests. She is, however, very certain that Seth Kiggundu is Bruno K’s son.

She maintains that he is the one who impregnated her although he was not supportive during the whole pregnancy process.

What I know is Seth is Bruno K’s son and I confirm that. I can’t allow my child to be taken to DNA tests. He is adorable and my he is my joy.


Vanessa also says that she has always taken care of Seth and Briella and she has hustled so much to make ends meet to an extent of getting loans from banks.

She says it is Bruno K who gave her son the name that he uses at the moment and that she was going to name him Seth Kisakyamukama.

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