Following the recent remarks that singer and songwriter Henry Ssekyanzi alias Nince Henry made about A Pass’ style of music, the latter has responded with a subtle jab.

The two artists have long been friends though not that close that one would find them chilling and relaxing together at a certain hangout.

When A Pass, born Alexander Bagonza, was tasked to comment on Nince Henry’s remarks about why he seems unserious concerning his music career lately, he responded by noting that Henry is just seeking cheap clout.

A Pass went ahead to send considerable friendly trash talk toward Nince Henry saying he can’t write him a song because his touch is not his sound and vibe as he laughed loud at the recent jam he wrote for Spice Diana dubbed “Siri Regular”.

A Pass who prides himself on getting under his opponents’ skin further openly told Henry to look for him so that he can write him a song that will bring him back to musical charts with well-thought lyrics.

Nince Henry can’t write me a song. In fact, it is vice versa. He should come to me and I pen him down one song. I can’t sing ‘Siri Regular’. Those are songs for the likes of Spice Diana.

His touch is not my sound and vibe. Let’s be serious and guided because that kind of song doesn’t resemble me. In fact, at my age, I can’t sing such songs.

His comments about me are just nonsense because he doesn’t know me well. He should get a day and pay me a visit so that he can get to know me well and stop speaking anyhow about me.

A Pass

He furthermore bragged about how he is in many artists’ heads where he holds a lot of ‘real estate’ as he attacked Bebe Cool dissing his new jam titled “Zzina” that he described as very ‘fake’ and asked him to reach out to him for a better song.

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