Hilarious moments never cease to happen in Uganda’s entertainment industry as each day commences with a fresh scandalous scenario.

As social media is still awash with singer Bruno K being accused of being a deadbeat dad by one of his ex-girlfriends, singer Swahaba Kasumba has just exposed one famous libido expert Kojja Kimbowa of ‘gifting’ him a stolen car.

Swahaba Kasumba explains that Kojja Kimbowa ‘blessed’ him with a stolen car during the last concert that he staged.

He narrates that during his concert, Kojja Kimbowa waited for the moment when fans were thronging the stage to tip him cash for his good performance and he showed up and stopped them from tossing small tokens of cash.

In a braggart way, Kimbowa took the microphone and asked Kasumba to express what he wished to get on his big day, and out of excitement, Kasumba asked for a plot of land which Kimbowa watered down by saying that he was going to gift him a car.

Swahaba Kasumba burst into wild cheers, thanking Kojja Kimbowa for the huge gift he bought him after handing him the car keys.

On checking and cross-examining the car the following morning, Swahaba Kasumba found out that the car was in a very bad and severe mechanical condition thus regretting why he accepted to take the car.

He took it to the garage for mechanical repair in Bwaise injecting in his hard-earned cash summing to Shs6.7m. After a thorough repair, he got phone calls from the then RDC Rose Mary Kirabira of the area where he stays saying the car he had repaired was a stolen car.

He immediately contacted Kojja Kimbowa about the matter who then asked that they meet and discuss the issue. On discussing Kimbowa asked Kasumba to act as if he was selling the car to him and told him to note down the money he wants him to buy.

They agreed on a sum of Shs6.7 in order for Kasumba to get a refund of the cash he paid for repair and on that same day, Kimbowa gave him Shs1m and promised to pay the balance but up to date, Kimbowa has since foxed on paying the balance.

Apparently, Swahaba Kasumba cries for the Shs5.7m he injected in repairing the stolen car Kojja Kimbowa had gifted him.

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