Singer A Pass, real name Alexander Bagonza, has called upon fellow artists to enrol for vocal training in an effort to be able to execute performances at live band shows well.

A Pass explains that it is sometimes really embarrassing when an artist fails to perform to the expectation moreover on their own songs.

He gave an example of how an artist can sing at a rate of about 100% in the studio and when it comes to live band performance, they perform at a below per percentage which at times brings about confusion in the audience raising complaints of being cheated.

He, therefore, notes that it must become a norm for artists to enroll for vocal training to avoid embarrassment adding that the training helps them prepare for better opportunities in the future.

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A Pass notes that other artists from different countries have mastered the art of live performances yet many artists here are still facing as a challenge.

He also disclosed that the continuous style of performance as if one is doing karaoke has led to artists forgetting their songs lyrics which also makes them professional.

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