Singer Alexander Bagonza, better known as A Pass, is of the school of thought that respect is earned and not pleaded for as most individuals out there normally beg for it.

A Pass singles out Eddy Kenzo saying that he has often heard him beg to be accorded respect which he confirms that it’s his right but according to him, that is not the way to go about it.

Maintaining his stand about respect, A Pass stressed that one can be accorded respect without begging for it depending on what they have done for the public.

He adds that respect is given to a person when the public feels he deserves to be respected based on how one executes and conducts him/herself around the community.


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The “Di da da da” singer used the opportunity to express how he does not accord respect to most of the MPs in the parliament of Uganda.

He reasoned that most of them have done totally nothing for their communities and thus don’t deserve any respect until they put into effect what they promised their voters during the electoral process.

Respect is earned and not asked for. Whatever Kenzo says, he is right that he can beg to be respected because each individual has there own way of how they see and analyse issues.

Personally, I think people can respect you whether you have pleaded for it or not. We only accord you respect when we feel like you have earned it.

Just like me, I can’t respect most of the MPs I see in parliament. Because they don’t do anything to deserve my respect. So why should I respect them.

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