Cindy Sanyu says that the “big three” artists (Chameleone, Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool) have been very important and will forever be appreciated mostly for introducing showbiz in the local music industry.

Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleone have for over two decades dominated the local music industry through their music and showbiz.

With flashy cars, fancy homes, music beef, and lavish lifestyles, the trio has been redefined as the “Big Three” and is appreciated for its contribution to the industry.

Former Blu*3 singer Cindy Sanyu says the ‘big three’ beat the odds to become big stars in an era in which was quite hard for entertainers to become so famous in Uganda.

While speaking to the media at her surprise baby shower, Cindy said that the trio introduced an era in which artists started earning good money from their performances and filling up stadiums, something that was alien in the industry.

“I appreciate their effort in this industry. You should know that they became big stars under circumstances that some of us would have failed so we’ll forever appreciate the big three because they created the showbiz we see today. We were young artists and by then we didn’t know how the enter the industry and make showbiz,” the expecting mother of two said.

“They changed artists from being paid appreciations of Shs50k in the sitting room to being paid Shs70 to Shs80m in a venue because they marketed this industry,” she added.

The self-styled King Herself further noted that Chameleone, Bobi, and Bebe paved the way for so many artists that we see today by investing money in their craft and introducing professionalism hence attracting big corporate companies to invest in the entertainment industry.

We’ll forever refer to them as the big three because they opened the path for the rest of us. Apart from the fact they started showbiz and invested money in the industry, they also introduced professionalism in the industry.

Before that, it was so hard to see corporate brands standing behind an artist. We saw that for the first time amongst them. So their legacy is that they commenced showbiz in the industry.

Cindys Sanyu

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