Despite going through depression due to heartbreak, Nina Roz maintains that love is a beautiful thing that she is not willing to let go of.

If we talk about relationship rollercoasters, Ugandan singer Nina Roz, real name Nina Kankunda, has been through it all.

Following her failed short marriage with fellow singer and producer Daddy Andre, Nina Roz fell into a depression that she says had a very bad effect on her mental health.

She has managed to pull herself together in recent months, however, and she is surviving well by centering her focus on music.

Will she ever love again?

She says “Yes!” While speaking to The Truth Gossip, the ‘Billboard Kipande’ singer said that she has now mastered the art of love and is able to protect herself from heartbreaks.

“I have been heartbroken so many times, I am a senior in love now. But I don’t blame myself because I went through it and took lessons. I now know how to deal with it and protect myself from heartbreak. It is a very bad thing I can never wish on anyone,” Nina Roz said.

She maintained that she is not willing to give up on love anytime soon because love is a beautiful thing that cannot be avoided.

“You learn to love every day. I do fall in love, love is love. I’m still falling in love because we are not gonna stop love,” she added.

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