Veteran Dancehall artist Toolman Kibalama says the ‘Big Three’ debate is intended to lower the self-esteem of the new generation of artists currently succeeding in the music industry.

For months now, there has been a heated debate on the ‘Big Three’ artists; Chameleone, Bebe Cool, and Bobi Wine, and their relevance to the music industry.

Despite several fellow artists and netizens agreeing that they are strong pillars of the industry, most note that their musical influence has now expired.

According to several music critics, it is now time for the ‘Big Three’ to give space to the newer artists to also enjoy their time in the industry and launch their new ideas.

Toolman Kibalama, a former affiliate of Bobi Wine’s Firebase Crew says that the ‘Big Three’ classification and debate is a “syndrome and cancer” eating up the industry.

He says that it is engineered by the key industry players to lower the self-esteem of the new artists who are currently doing well.


To Hell with this Big 3 concept in the entire Music Business. It’s intended to lower the self esteem of New talent who are doing Good and wonders. Long ruled and having seen one president from your childhood doesn’t make him the first president.

Have you ladies and Gents heard of the likes of Ragga Dee, Menton Summer, Emperor Orlando, the likes of Shaks Vividee, (infact one of the 3 used to carry his Bag). Do you know Steve Jean, Basudde‚ Kafeero, Jimmy Katumba?

Juliana!! Chance Nalubega.

Does anyone think and know that Spice Diana musical DNA is in LATE Sarah Birungi lineage of sort? Have you tried to know their force and effort/influence to the entire industry at the their time of fame before you summarise their efforts in 3?

Red Banton at one point was the only artist who sounded as a recording artist and all of us were Dub/Karaoke singers who yearned to curtainraise for him.

This entire industry is made up from different Blocks of Artists with different challenges of a time and for your information every genre we have today has its lineage of Artist to be any figure but not 3. As long as an artist ever released a piece and disturbed the country, that’s a block.


Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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