Karole Kasita has warned rapper Gravity Omutujju against disrespecting her family after a post he made on Instagram but later deleted.

Just a few months ago, Karole Kasita and Gravity Omutujju hit the studio and dropped a new song that has been making rounds on the airwaves.

At the time when they are expected to be promoting their new collabo, the two artists are instead at each other’s throats in a social media battle that Gravity Omutujju commenced with a post with the caption:

“You eat someone’s girlfriend and no one finds out, but you think when they eat yours you will know, mpozi nga katonda wamuwola.”

Upon landing on the post, Karole Kasita felt rather unimpressed and disrespected. She believes Gravity made the post trying to promote their new collabo but it was unnecessary.

In her reply, Karole noted how she felt provoked by the post which in her opinion mocked her baby daddy, herself as a mother, and her baby.

Gravity my dear friend, you’ve tried so much to rub it in but tokikola. Our song is doing just fine and it’s a nice song, you have no reason to provoke anyone especially my man by posting things like these.

Am now a mother and a responsible one at that, I don’t think you would like to find such posts about your wife or girlfriend. So bambi don’t do it to my family.

What we have is just a simple professional innocent working relationship. I told you privately not to do things like this but since you’ve refused I’ll tell you publicly.

Not every song deserves a saga round it some songs are just nice, balutegede kyawedde! Respect still.

Karole Kasita

The post has since been deleted by Gravity Omutujju and maybe an apology might also have been issued to Karole Kasita.

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