Singer Makumbi Ashraf a.k.a Record Elah Butida Owemmogolo is slowly but surely turning to Jesus Christ after being spotted at Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s Church crying out to God.

Record Elah Butida is a one-hit wonder who has in recent past days been struggling with life as he could barely afford what to eat and shelter.

He narrates that he has lately been housed by one of his close friends in the Ghetto and everything seems to have turned against him since he released his hit single “Bakabasajja” which ushered him into the limelight.

When Record Elah joined Sipapa Entertainment, he was untouchable until his mother told him to quit the music camp which he did after they were arrested and detained for about two weeks.

His mother ordered him to quit music but he somehow declined until his mother gave up on him to the extent that she denied being his mother.

From that moment, Record Elah Butida has never been the same and he says he has been getting nightmares and weird dreams to the extent that he contemplated ending his own life.

Having seen that the situation was getting out of his hand, he sought God’s intervention as he rushed out to Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s overnight session held at his Church and gave his life to God.

Pastor Bugembe welcomed him and promised to escort him to his mother to plead for forgiveness for all the pain he caused and inflicted upon her.

During the service, Record Elah promised that he will abide by his mother’s will and follow whatever she wants him to do, and never shame her again in public.

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