According to sports analyst and marketing executive Aldrine Nsubuga Snr, the ‘Big Three’ debate should not aim at comparing who the best between Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleone, and Bobi Wine is because they all are legends.

One of the currently trending topics in the entertainment space is about the ‘Big Three’ artistes; Bobi Wine, Jose Chameleone, and Bebe Cool, and their relevance to the industry.

If either of the 3 were to exchange scripts and try to adopt the other’s style, they would fall before they even start.

Aldrine Nsubuga Snr

Aldrine Nsubuga Snr has had the chance to enjoy all three in their prime and he concludes that each of them is a legend in their own right and deserves to be recognized as so.

Everyone has had their say on the BIG 3. It’s time for the fly to say something:

MUSICALLY speaking…

Forget what you have heard. Here is why ALL 3 are legends and in no particular order so don’t need a comparison. Anyone who does something unique and leaves a permanent impact (forever kind of) becomes a legend. It’s pointless to compare the three and this is why:

Kamili (Jose Chameleone)

The unique dance beat in his music and conspicuous voice – you can single it out from 1000 miles away – gave him an identity that can never be likened to any. The ability to sing in different languages, particularly Swahili, and still keep them as hit songs. You have got to get up and dance or feel the bit. The sulky sexy voice and energy in his music. It’s music that will give life to a lousy party. Happy music. Music with life.

Chameleone poses for a photo with Griet Onsea a.k.a Dorotia

No other artist has pulled this off. That he has kept the same music identity for 2 decades and still kept it popular – that’s legend. Why make comparisons for music that has its own unique identity in the sound, and mood? His music cuts across all spectrums. Who else does? Legend Jose Chameleone.

Bebe Cool

Were it not for Byebye Kul, the music industry wouldn’t be where it is today. That’s his legend. This is the guy who brought showbiz entertainment to the industry. Unknown to his critics and may be fans, everything that Bebe Cool does or has done both on and off stage, is scripted. The flamboyant speech and dress, the bragging, the larger-than-life aura he carries, the rich man’s bravado, the sparking of wars, the verbal artillery, the self-importance, etc.

Bebe Cool’s creativity forced a change in musicians’ mentality. They now see themselves as larger-than-life superstars and their fans idolize them. Music now is more than entertainment. It’s a lifestyle. Everyone including sponsor brands, and politicians want to be part of the artists’ world – it’s down to Byebye kul. Even the branding… ‘Big Size’, etc Brilliant.

Bebe Cool kisses Zuena Kirema

Only Byebye Kul can claim to have influenced this change in perception. He deliberately pulls off stunts to incite hate towards himself but it’s all about personal branding. In the end, the rivalry in music has built a passion within the industry. He changed the music industry. That’s legend. It’s the lifetime impact he has had on the industry. Legend.

Bobi Wine

His unique contribution which can never be emulated is – messaging in his music. Every song he has ever sung carried a message, a message that impacts and changes society. Either it’s a call to action, prophesying, advocating for the oppressed, galvanizing society, educating, or rallying the community. It is music that impacts communities. That’s legend.

He also solely represents a sidelined section of society (ghetto) and now the best music entertainers mostly come from the ghetto. His rise politically owes to the impact of his music, style, and appeal to the youth. Youth now see life opportunities differently. No one can take this impact through music from him, Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine poses for a [hoto with Barbie Kyagulanyi

The Big 3. The legends. Different styles, different music but the same impact on the music industry. Lifetime impact, that’s their greatness.

Yes, they are ‘the big three’ but don’t compare them. It’s a non-starter. If either of the 3 were to exchange scripts and try to adopt the other’s style, they would fall before they even start. This is why they all command and deserve the utmost respect.

Even they deserve to respect each other for it’s their combination that has grown the music industry to where it is today. More than 20 years of doing music and still remaining relevant? Give them the utmost respect.

For the newbies on the block, just bow and start your own path. These guys are eternal to the industry as it stands. Their fan bases will never dwindle. That’s legend…Respect!

Aldrine Nsubuga Snr

A seasoned professional Marketing and PR specialist

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