DCM Empire singer Alfa Sebunya alias Mudra D Viral has decried the high level of corruption that is in the music industry which has even led some talented artists to fear investing in the business.

He stresses that the business is too competitive, and hard, and needs a lot of work ethic for one to stay relevant in the industry for a long time.

He goes on to note that the industry is sometimes yielding though not up to the expectation that one would wish or desire compared to the effort someone invests in it.

The Muyayu fame star adds that it is also quite too expensive to maintain though he is glad that he has so far earned a lifestyle, a living, and new connections with people who impact his life.

He further revealed that he loves all his songs despite the big hits having earned him much financially.

“I don’t love all my songs. I only love the biggest hits because they give me money and that is my goal though am not too passionate about the music,” Mudra D Viral.

Speaking about his relationship status, he openly made it public that he is seeing someone although he declined to show her off to the public stressing that love affairs are his private issues.

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