The debate about who is the most educated artist amongst musicians Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, and Jose Chameleone has yet again sparked a heated argument in the entertainment sphere.

The debate got heated when Bebe Cool responded to Bobi Wine’s claims of being the most educated among the three artists having graduated with a Diploma in MDD from Makerere University.

In Bebe Cool’s view, during A-level he did a combination of PCM which he says is far much better than a person who graduates with a Diploma from any higher institution studying higher than secondary school level.

The Gagamel Entertainment crew boss goes on to stress that if any of his relatives ever tell him to finance them at University to study MDD he would rather give them the money and start a fish-mongering business.

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As usual, Bebe Cool’s reasoning has always amused many of his followers and annoys his critics as they find it childish.

With the debate being the center of discussion lately, Bobi Wine’s sister Irene Kayemba decided to spare some time and took to her Facebook page to lecture and school Bebe Cool about the importance of studying MDD to society.

Irene Kayemba told Bebe Cool that if it wasn’t for MDD that he practices and the world appreciates, he wouldn’t be as much important as he is at the moment.

She went ahead to note that it is not cool to underlook students who took courses of MDD thus called upon those who are successful in MDD to highlight the benefits and encourage students taking it on to continue doing so because it is a very important course for the arts of the nation.

Below is Irene Kayemba’s full submission about studying MDD

“Am a very proud product of MDD, baked from the most prestigious Makerere University; I later on supplemented the goodness of MDD with CIM-based London-marketing skills and knowledge. We must note that non-formal skills are best when upgraded with formal training. I assert that this is what makes my brother-BOBI WINE a very unique artist that Uganda is blessed to have.

So, my elder brother BEBE, non-formal practice in MDD is what has made you; not PCM era simanyi lwaki welabila.

Naye singa you finished your PCM at A-Level singa oli watabu nyo because PCM gives a foundation for great professions like civil engineering.

Imagine being Engineer BEBE who is a great East African artist at the same time.


Unless you have forgotten omulimu gwo Naye if am not mistaken you have built a career in MDD.

You got your beloved wife because you were in MDD, oba onfuna!?

You’re who you are because of MDD, Bwemba nelabide nzijukiza!!!

You’re earning a lot of fortune from MDD. Kitufu Oba kifu???

Your family is happily living on MDD my brother, unless if tell the world that you sing for philanthropy or charity.

DANCE: your fans enjoy seeing you dancing wadde nga toli kafulu naye we appreciate the effort you put in to entertain. But I have met friends who studied MDD and then turned to serve as therapists, I have a brother who does Dance Movement Therapy and he is teaching at many universities here at Makerere University and abroad-doing a lot of cultural exchange programs with New York University and many more projects because of his background in MDD. Simanyi oba gwe ekyo okiyita PCM

DRAMA: Hooooooo blood; still, I personally appreciate that you act well in all your videos to bring out the illusion of your artistic message. Songs like Kamwako, and AGENZE e.t.c.

Munangeno that’s all MDD to us who went to that great space that may look louse at Makerere University. The Performing Arts and Film Department is located near the Senate building at Makerere University.

You just need to be reminded that all courses are good and that’s why we have Doctors, Teachers, Carpenters, Professors in MDD, and artists like you.

Actually, you are about to say that PCM is better than teachers without being mindful of the fact that all professions are made by teachers

For your information, we have doctors in MDD.

These are professors teaching at university levels of education.


I will now call upon my OBs and OGs from the MDD department at Makerere University to pick interest in this discussion, otherwise, something obscene can happen one of these days. If we allow such utterances about MDD, the disciplines that made us, WE ARE GONE.

First of all, I will call upon members of parliament; like Hon Brenda Namukuta, Hon Kiyaga Hiraly- Dr. HILDAMAN, Hon Kato Lubwaama, Mukulu Patriko Mujuuka, Mukulu Abbey Mukiibi, Maama wafe Mariam Ndagire please come and give more light on what is happening here.

Where have we left the parents who are hustling to get tuition for our young brothers and sister that ARE CURRENTLY AT MDD?

This has been happening but we always keep a deaf ear. We have seen great people from this department. People like BOBI WINE( HIS EXCELLENCY ROBERT KYAGULANYI SSENTAMU, Dr Mangeni Partick is the Dean at the School of Liberal and Performing Arts at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor Antonio Sylvia Nanyonga the Grants Management Committee chairperson at Makerere university, Dr. Benon Kigozi the current Head of department PAF Makerere University,

Philip Luswata Kafuluma is a PhD scholar in firm production and he has been the first person to study firm production at this high level in Uganda. Eric Jjemba, a PhD scholar at Makerere University/New York University, and Dr. Sekalega Branco Lawrence, who is heading the Music Therapy and Cancer Patients Project at Makerere University/Mulago Hospital; all these studied MDD at some point.

Ya kambuze nga asula ewuwo nti akayimba ko kebayita kamwako wamanya amakulu gako nga okayimba muganda wange???? @PAF – PerformingArtsForum”

Easy but not talkative, Music Lover, DM for any leads in local entertainment.

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