“Would you eat beans on your first date?” That is the question disturbing Ugandans On Twitter (UOT) at the moment after one of their own revealed how she went through the forgettable experience once on a first date.

Dates, for most, should be memorable experiences. An imagination of a good date would have a good meal, probably in those posh restaurants, and a good chat. It is a case of a good first impression from both sides.

But what about when the first date is at the man’s place? What should make a good first impression? A clean well-organized house? Well of course. A meal with beans? Not quite, at least according to Methia Lydia Nabwanda.

On her Twitter account early on Monday morning, renowned Twitter influencer and content creator Methia Lydia Nabawanda poised a question that ignited mixed reactions amongst the UOT.

“But some men, how do you prepare for me beans on our first date?” Methia questioned.

Her query seems to have attracted numerous reactions by several netizens who, being Labour Day, had some time to spend letting her know of their opinions on the matter.

With some questioning what took her to a man’s place on the first date, others wondered why it is such a big deal for her to even put on the timeline.

Below are some of the reactions:

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