At a very tender age, singer Rahmah Nanyanzi alias Pinky had to deal with a lot of staff to overcome daunting challenges that came her way at the age of 16.

Among the stressing factors, she had to overcome included being forced into marriage to a 50-year-old man she identified as Prince Nelson Kimera.

She narrated that Prince started hitting asking to help her musically since he had all the financial muscle that one could require to get underway with a successful music career.

As time went by, the guy started showing off his true character and intention of getting married to Pinky.

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Pinky remembers Prince calling all her male school friends warning them to back off her saying he injects lots of money in her.

She also notes that the guy threatened to end her male friends’ lives if they maintained calling and texting her on a daily basis.

For the time, she tried to contain the pressure but depression struck when Prince started sending her nude videos and photos in her inbox trying to seduce her in order to romantically bed her.

Since Pinky did not want to lose her virginity to the guy she didn’t love, she decided to vanish from home after her 17th birthday celebrations.

Having vanished from home, the case was reported to the police, and in doing so her best male friend was arrested and detained forcing her to return home.

On returning to the man’s home, she became a bedroom girl, and thus depression struck more as she could barely eat.

Rahmah Pinky also stressed how she was one time told to undress and pour cold water on herself and she was flogged for refusing to give in her phone password when Prince asked for it.

She is grateful to God that she overcame all the torturous events she underwent though.

Pinky says Prince has never given up on her and vowed that one day she will have to return to him when everything fails in life.

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