Ugandan-Rwandan singer Laika is one of the hottest rising female celebrities in the country looking forward to breaking through on mainstream media.

Laika has only spent three years in the music industry and is working pretty hard to make her presence and mark felt on the ground.

She has dropped quite a number of jams ever since she officially started her music career but she testifies that the journey to becoming an established artist is not as smooth as she thought.

Despite having most of the resources that one requires to make it, she notes that it is a real hustle for an individual to be a star in Uganda’s music industry which is contrary to what she thought before she joined the business.

Having shared a brief story about her tender and young music journey she also opened up about her previous relationships and love life.

When asked whether she has ever been in a relationship, Laika noted that she has so far been in several of them although she is apparently single and not searching.

The “Overdose” singer went ahead to disclose that since she is in her late 20s, she plans to give birth in her early 30s within the next two or three years.

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