Renowned businesswoman and head of traditional healers countrywide Maama Fiina, real name Sylvia Namutebi, surprised her daughter Fiina with a sum of Ugx 50M on her birthday.

On May 5th every year, Mama Fiina’s daughter adds a year to her age, and this year she celebrated her birthday in style as she was gifted a huge sum of cash that was presented to her in a huge well-wrapped box.

The surprise was presented to her in the presence of some public figures, YouTubers, and media personalities who captured every moment through their lenses.

While giving her speech, Maama Fiina narrated that she gave birth to Fiina at a young age when she used to work as a housemaid and she doesn’t regret that since she came with lots of blessings.

From the mother and daughter bond, the two love each other deeply, and their love for one another is totally unbreakable.

When asked why she opted for Ugx 50M in all gifts, Maaama Fiina revealed that if she can financially reward individuals she is not attached to, why not her daughter?

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