Whenever a public figure seems to take too long to step out with a partner the questions start flying around concerning their relationship status.

Veteran musician and humanitarian Halima Namakula’s daughter Rachel K is no stranger to this situation because time and again she has been put on the spot to talk about her love life.

At a recent event, Rachel Kiwanuka alias Rachel K had to address the media concerning her love life and whether she intends to show off her partner anytime soon.

She responded by stressing that she is living a solo happy life without any pressure of showing off to the public that she is in need of a lover.

“I’m very happy solo. I’m happy with my God and very very happy because I am not even under the pressure of getting one but when it happens, I will let you know,” Rachel K said.

The 37-year-old singer went ahead to disclose that she plans to hold a mini EP album listener’s party before the year ends since she is about to drop an EP in the coming months.

“Yeah, I’m looking at the end of the year, I am gonna be doing a showcase, like showcasing my EP which I am working on, and am not rushing it so what happens, happens,” she added.

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