Judith Heard had no kind words for Martha Kay after the Actress revealed how it is “hard to grieve” Isma Olaxess whom she claims spent his life preaching falsehoods against her.

Ibrahim Tusubira a.k.a Isma Olaxess was laid to rest in Mukono on Sunday after being shot dead by an unidentified gunman in Kyanja on Saturday night.

Several netizens and celebrities have been sharing their condolence messages toward the slain vlogger’s family and expressing his impact on the entertainment industry.

According to Martha Kay, however, it is hard to grieve the man who she claims spent most of his life insulting her and creating false stories about her.

“How do you grieve a man who spent most of his life insulting you and many you care about? A man who concocted stories to defame and character assassinate you with no facts or boundaries,” Martha Kay tweeted on Monday morning.

“It’s hard. But I still pray his soul may find peace. I pray his loved ones may find comfort. Amen,” she added before a swarm of netizens bombarded the tweet with reactions.

In most of the reactions to the tweet, people question how Martha Kay can be celebrating someone else’s death but she maintains that she is not rejoicing.

She states that she is rather stating how hard it is to grieve for a man that caused her a lot of pain and that conscience is clear.

Judith Heard also expresses her disappointment in Martha Kay’s statements via IG where she stated that she would have rather kept quiet if she had nothing good to say about the deceased.

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