The newly formed Uganda Musicians National Federation (UMNF) is taking the right direction to solve the most pressing needs that artists have been facing.

For a lengthy period of time, artists have expressed their discontent with the Uganda Performing Rights Society (UPRS) complaining about receiving very little or no revenue in form of royalties.

Less than a month in office since the establishment of the Uganda Musicians National Federation (UMNF) led by their president Eddy Kenzo and his vice president Sheebah Karungi and the committee at large, the team has taken to work already.

They sat down in a meeting with the UPRS officials and discussed the ways in which artists will profit from their artistic content.

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In the meeting, they established transparent criteria for distributing royalties and ensuring every artist receives their rightful share.

He adds that when the collaboration gets smoother, the industry will grow and yield more positive results than how it is apparently.

Exciting news for Ugandan musicians!

I’m thrilled to share that we had a fruitful meeting with the Uganda Performing Rights Society (UPRS) to address crucial issues related to royalties for our fellow artists.

Together, we’re committed to: Acquiring cutting-edge broadcast monitoring technology to accurately track music usage and compensate musicians fairly. Establishing transparent criteria for distributing royalties, ensuring every artist receives their rightful share.

Collaborating to boost the collection of royalties, finding new revenue streams, and implementing efficient mechanisms.

As President of the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), I am dedicated to nurturing our relationship with UPRS and working tirelessly for the growth of our music industry.

Let’s unite and support each other as we strive for a better future for all Ugandan musicians

Eddy Kenzo

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