Recently, artists went into a secret meeting that lasted about five days, and at the end of it, they agreed to create one body faction that unites all of them they baptized the Uganda Musicians National Federation (UMNF).

Their move was similar to that of Uganda music promoters who formed the Uganda Promoter National Federation (UPNF) which saw rivaling promoters combine forces under one umbrella.

There were some noticeable differences between the formation of the two federations; promoters worked with each other to achieve their agenda while several prominent artists were left out of the UMNF closed-door meetings.

Big Muzik Entertainment singer Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big Eye is one of the artists who were left out. He is now using every chance at his disposal to expose the federation’s weaknesses at all costs.

First, he started by expressing how he is discontented with the Federation’s leadership and how Eddy Kenzo and his Vice Sheebah Karungi are not qualified for the posts they were accorded.

He now vows to confront the federation when he returns from the United Kingdom where he traveled for a musical show.

Big Eye also thinks that the people in the Federation are totally green about the roles of a federation adding that it is the reason why he thinks they elected the wrong leaders.

“I don’t think people in that Federation know very well what a federation means, that is why they elected someone who is not qualified to be the president,” Big Eye told Sanyuka TV.

He further noted that the federation will not register any achievements because its main focus is to mint huge sums of money from the government.

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