Former Miss Uganda Stellah Nantumbwe maintains that she is not under any pressure to get married as she reveals the qualities of an ideal husband.

In her early thirties, Stellah Nantumbwe is still single and living a carefree, private life. She is quite religious and her faith in God grows stronger every day.

She believes that marriage is not an easy thing to handle and hence should not be rushed into because there are several things to consider before deciding to settle with someone for the rest of your life.

Marriage is not something you rush into because it is purposeful. What are you going to do when you get married, and for how long? Most people get married for the wedding…and then what? Did God send you there? Did you even ask Him? So you end up in situations that you don’t necessarily appreciate. For me, marriage is a very big issue. I intend to only marry for a purpose regardless of what people see outside.

Stellah Nantumbwe

She also notes that as a woman, she has to have specific qualities including maturity, patience, and perseverance, among others before she is ready for marriage.

“You have to be a certain type of woman to succeed in marriage, truly. You have to be grown, you have to have wisdom, you have to have perseverance, patience and to be okay to submit. Some people haven’t yet found that submission,” she says.

While listing the qualities of the ideal man she would want to get married to when the right time comes, Nantumbwe revealed that the man must be able to create an environment for her to thrive.

“The person I marry has to be able to create an environment in which I can thrive. The husband will create an environment in which I can thrive. Biblical marriage; “husbands love your wives as you love the church, wives submit.” What am I submitting to? I’m very introspective about marriage. I can’t just go. Not that they haven’t asked but I can’t just go,” she notes.

Nantumbwe says that her mother has not pressurised her into getting married and she is very thankful for that. She hopes to get married to a man with the qualities listed below:

“It has to be a man that has earned my respect, my submission, and I can also see leading a family to greater heights. Not just for this generation but even the ones to come,” Nantumbwe states.

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