A group of artists from Eastern Uganda has started to cast doubt on the leadership of the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) was formed a few days ago.

The artists believe that Eddy Kenzo and Bebe Cool are not deserving of the positions in which they were elected.

The artists came out to claim that they don’t trust Bebe Cool in the office of finance out of fear of him swindling their money.

They went ahead and challenged Eddy Kenzo to highlight the roles of the federation and also dared him to write the word federation in full, staking one million shillings for him to take home if he got it correct.

They dared Eddy Kenzo about knowing the goals of a federation and referred to him as a school dropout who they believe doesn’t know a lot of technical issues.

“We don’t want Kenzo as the president because he doesn’t have the qualifications. I bet he knows how even a federation is formed. In fact, we have one million shillings if he can write UNMF in full and its objectives and how it is formed,” they said.

They went on to blast Bebe Cool as they accused him of being the trouble causer for the collapse of UMA adding that he always talks negatively about the music industry and fellow artists.

For Bebe Cool, has always been negative about the music industry in Uganda. He is always creating wars and dissing other musicians’ songs. He has even taken about 3 years without releasing a song. We think he should excuse himself from things to do with Ugandan music.

Eastern Artists

Apparently, the federation seems to be registering success following a host of established artists who join it each day that goes by as more and more come through.

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