Local rapper Gereson Wabuyu alias Gravity Omutujju has shared his view on who is musically better between two rivaling female artists Kapa Cat and Martha Mukisa.

According to Gravity Omutujju, Martha Mukisa is many miles ahead of Kapa Cat in terms of lyrical maturity and content in her songs.

He adds that despite holding a show that almost flopped terribly at Freedom City Hall, Martha Mukisa is talented and vocally gifted and that Kapa Cat cannot even reach a quarter of her talent.

Gravity explains that Martha Mukisa’s voice can be pooled with the likes of Rema Namakula and other top artists.

It should be noted that Mukisa had her debut concert last week. She had a sizable crowd of people and Gravity says that she got a crowd worth her current status.

Furthermore, the rapper advised Martha Mukisa not to listen to the naysayers because those trying to trash-talk her aren’t even at her level.

Gravity said that he has a song with the Dansolo singer titled Centre but it failed to work well since she is not as powerful as Martha Mukisa.

I think Martha got the fans that she deserves so far at her level. Sometimes you need to put up a situation and evaluate yourself. So, I’m sure one day she will get there. That’s how most of us started. She also shouldn’t listen to the critics, none of them musically is at her level.

Take an instance of Kapa Cat, I did a song with her but she’s not at Martha’s level. Kapa Cat with her songs is just like me trying to hustle and make ends meet. Martha, she can dine with the likes of Rema.

Gravity Omutujju
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