Following Zari The Bosslady’s rants last evening towards her baby daddy Diamond Platmunz, Fantana has responded with a more fiery response.

In part of Zari’s lengthy rant on her Instagram account, she said that she is a self-made billionaire, something Fantana has highly disregarded as she lectured her on who a billionaire is.

Using statistics of Africa’s current billionaires 2023, Zari’s name was nowhere on the list, and even in the past years, Zari has never been listed among Africa’s billionaires something that left Fantana questioning her mental health.

Fantana went on to scold Zari as she mocked her saying someone should give her medication in order to return to her normal mental state before things get worse.

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Fantana further wrote saying that Zari has often reconstructed her entire body just to look like her because she is so much scared of her.

She adds that whenever Zari sets her eyes on her, she starts to tremble and feel insecure.

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