Media personality Caroline Mirembe a.k.a Caroline Marcah has vowed not to be discouraged in her fight against HIV/AIDS by netizens.

The last few days have seen internet littered with videos of MC Kats’ alleged ex-lover Faith Ntaborwa in a bad mental and health state.

Several netizens have pointed fingers at the NBS TV presenter with accusations that he caused Ntaborwa’s current state but he has denied the accusations and revealed that she has always had mental challenges.

Other critics have also picked on MC Kats’ past lovers including Fille Mutoni and Caroline Marcah, accusing them of being infected with HIV/AIDS.

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Caroline Marcah via Twitter has, however, strongly stated that such attacks are aimed at intimidating her against her efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS stigma.

“I am a proud advocate for the end of stigma against those living with HIV/AIDS.. and your insults and accusations towards me SHALL NOT intimidate my cause,” she wrote.

She has vowed never to stop the fight and promised to continue standing by those affected by the disease.

If you have never lost a loved one to the disease then you don’t know the pain…do you know how many youths are getting infected on a daily basis because of the anger and resentment your cruel tweets and voices of judgement towards these people?

Do you know the depression you send through their spines?? I have seen them suffer so I shall always stand by them. Gwekitasanyusa wetugge. Byebyange.

Caroline Marcah

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