Eddy Kenzo says that Bobi Wine’s comments on the newly formed Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) are political.

Just a few days ago, while speaking to a section of artists, Bobi Wine revealed how the newly-formed Uganda National Musicians Federation is a scam.

The 2021 presidential candidate described the leadership of the UNMF as “money-hungry” and emphasized that the artists spearheading the new federation are in for monetary gains.

“I fail to understand why artists rely on free money…and now, here you are, creating a federation. It’s still centered around obtaining funds from the government,” Bobi partly commented.

Eddy Kenzo is not very pleased with the NUP leader’s comments.

While speaking at the media briefing about the federation in Mutundwe on Tuesday, Kenzo noted that Bobi Wine turned into a politician and that he has to use an agenda to benefit his political goals.

He noted that as artists, they are seeking the government’s help in regulating their art because it is the governing body of the country at the moment.

The Big Talent Ent. boss added that in case Bobi Wine’s party takes over power, artists will still seek the same guidance and support from it as the government in power.

That elder of ours Bobi turned into a politician, he has to use these agendas to his advantage because he is an opposition leader. When the world is disunited, he benefits. If the government unites and develops artists, how will the opposition benefit?

As artists, there is nothing we can do without going to the government with a request to be regulated because they are the governing body for this country as of now. Lucky enough, if the opposition takes over (power), we shall join it as well because it would be the new government.

We are negotiating, we are not begging for anyhting. What we are talking about is how we have been cheated for long and how much we are demanding.

Eddy Kenzo

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  1. Bob wine should leave music alone from politics he always get free money from many countries so he doesn’t want our brother and sisters to get money big up to eddy kenzo and his group stupid to bobi wine go with your politics and leave us alone you will never be a president of Uganda 🇺🇬

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