The exchange of words between singer Serena Bata and her former manager Abbey Musinguzi alias Abtex has taken a different route after police advised the two parties to settle their differences amicably.

The development comes after Serena Bata reported herself to the Police following her failure to show up at the police a week back.

Upon arrival, she explained why she was a no-show at the police the first time she was summoned to appear because she was sick and battling a severe complication.

She also disclosed that she is living in fear following the threats that Abtex made when he said that she must pay his money or something would happen.

Serena Bata then claimed that the death threats didn’t leave her the same as she is now worried for her dear life since Abtex reportedly threatened to crush her.

He allegedly told her that if he ever finds her, he will knock her dead. He further swore that he won’t let her live if he doesn’t get what he wants.

Honestly, I don’t know what Mzee Abitex wants. This is because he shows that he wants both the money and the songs at once. He’s even reached the point of threatening me. He once he told me that if he ever finds me, he will run his vehicle over me.

He did a lot of nasty things which I had to handle on my own. One day I wished Bebe Cool a happy birthday and requested to work with him. Abitex grounded me for 3 weeks asking how I could ask a song from Bebe Cool.


As of now, the Police are also still doing investigations and want to find a common ground where the two parties can solve their differences on mutual grounds.

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