Ever since the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) was formed, a lot has been said about it that has left a number of musicians divided on its importance.

The leaders maintain that the federation was started to give an impression to the ruling government that artists are an organised group of individuals so that it could help them in their challenges.

According to the federation leaders, their main focus is to have the government implement the copyright law and its neighbouring rights so that artists can benefit from their works even when they’re not on stage performing.

This particular cause is actually very positive for all the artists at large as it will help them benefit from their art and intellectual property.

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However, the federation has faced criticism from a number of artists including Big Eye, Big Tril, and Kabako among many others who find it a joke.

Former TNS affiliate singer Yusuf Ssenabulya alias Kabako wants the government to channel all the huge chunks of money they are spending on the federation to put medicine in the hospitals.

He adds that instead of wasting that money on giving it to established artists, the government should rather use it to fix the roads since they are in a very unpleasant condition and many other issues challenging Ugandans.

All the artists in the federation are big brands, the money they want to get from the government can build a hospital, repair roads and so much more. Let all the musicians in this federation go to the studio, record music, and leave this bullsh*t.


The Sitani Tonkema fame singer went ahead to stress that he finds it hard to even call his close friend Sheebah the vice president since they formed the federation without tipping him about the establishment of the organization.

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