Former Busiro South MP aspirant Paul Owor’s name has again appeared in the media for the wrong reasons.

He is being accused of being involved in issues concerning land fraud that he allegedly sold off to two different individuals.

Paul Owor has been exposed by a gentleman who accuses him of selling to him a plot of land just two days after he had sold the same plot of land to a lady and handed fake land titles to both of them.

The accuser adds that Paul Owor forged the land titles that he handed to them from Nasser Road, the home of printing services in Kampala.

He was then summoned to appear before the police on 26th January 2022 on three charges of forgery and uttering false documents.

Often time, Paul Owor’s name has appeared in the media following a series of allegations concerning similar issues.

Recently he was involved in a bitter exchange of words with MP Kabanda whom he accused of conning him of $5000 that he paid to meet the head of the state.

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