City socialite Charles Olim a.k.a Sipapa’s days in prison just keep piling up day by day as his recent date of appearing in the courts of law flopped again.

The socialite was scheduled to return to court on 29th May for his case hearing but the process did not go down as was planned as the Judge was a no-show.

This means that Sipapa will return to court on the 3rd of July for the hearing of the charges that he is accused of having committed.

The fact that the judge did not appear in court for Sipapa’s case hearing, left Sipapa’s lawyer Geoffrey  Turyamusiima with a sour taste in the mouth. He called out the judiciary for tossing them up and down.

Sipapa’s lawyer also claimed that his client’s accuser was a no-show as well on the grounds that he had left the country for business purposes. The government prosecutor was also unavailable.

Lawyer Turyamusiima is irritated about his client’s accuser always being absent and wants to apply so that the case gets canceled.

The other prisoners also did not turn up for their case hearings as there were some challenges with transportation at the prison.

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