Alien Skin has invited Pallaso to a boxing sparring of about seven minutes to settle their beef following their altercation on Monday.

The news columns have been filled with Pallaso and Alien Skin’s beef after a viral video of the former harassing the latter went viral on social media.

While speaking to Sanyuka TV, the Sitya Danger singer maintained that he was set up and that he wants to settle the score in a boxing ring.

He noted that he does not want the ghetto to be involved in their mess and hence invited Pallaso to 7-minute sparring to end their beef.

“I want this to end well. Let us set up a sparring of about seven minutes. They say that when two elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers. I don’t want the ghetto to be involved in this whole mess,” Alien Skin told Sanyuka TV’s Isaac Kaiyz.

“So let us put on the boxing gloves and have a little sparring because when I raised my hands and told him that he had won, he refused to take it,” he added.

Alien further emphasized that he was set up and he now wants to be prepared for when he faces Pallaso in the ring.

“But even the most professional fighters have to prepare for their fights, there must be planning. So I sensed there was a setup,” he said.

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