With just a handful of days left to Pallaso’s Love Fest concert, celebrated Luga-flo storyteller Ernest Nsimbi Sserunjogi alias GNL Zamba believes that the Sucker Free Boss is the most talented among the Mayanja brothers.

After Pallaso being recently involved in a fistfight with fellow singer Alien Skin, GNL Zamba asked the two artists to stay cool-headed and calm.

He called for peace as he cited the mysterious deaths of a number of artists including AK47, Mowzey Radio, Tupac, and Biggie being results of insults and fights.

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Zamba went on to highlight that among the Mayanja brothers, Pallaso is the most talented.

In an interview he had with Kasuku, GNL Zamba stresses that talent-wise Pallaso soars above the rest since he is good at singing, rapping, producing, and overall a sweet and calm guy than his brothers.

To me, Pallaso is the most talented Mayanja. Weasel is my friend and we have worked on a couple of musical projects with him.

Jose Chameleone has been creating beautiful and impactful music for all of us for years but when I look at the overall comparison and talent I feel Pallaso is better because he can sing, rap, and producer, and he is a sweet guy.

GNL Zamba
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